• jon

    jon - 2004-11-11

    I have found the pylint 'problems' feature really useful. I have found it slightly difficult to use though:
    It only checks files that have changed in eclipse, which is fine if you expect that all the source files that you are dealing with started off with no problems. Unfortunately (in my case at least) this is rarely true. It would be good if there were an option to rebuild all files in the project. I tried 'touch'ing them from the command line, but that didn't seem to work.

    The pylint options dialog also seems a bit broken: it is _much_ wider than the other dialog boxes: the "Location of Pylint" text entry seems to be the problem.

    But as I said before. Great editor!

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2004-11-12

      Hi. the pylint feature uses eclipse builders to do the job. That means that you can go on on project->clean and it will "rebuild" eveything that's associated with pydev. In this case, pylint (and right now, also TODO tasks, and in the future it will update code completion... but well, that's only in the future for now.)

      As for the editor, I also noted that, but it still not one of my priorities, especially because right now it won't work with other pylint versions (and in other locations), as I had to do some minor changes to get it working...

    • jon

      jon - 2004-11-15

      I am not quite sure how the 'project->clean' should work?
      I have clicked 'clean', and specified the project, and I would have thought, that by then clicking 'build all' it would update all the python files in the project. But, for me, nothing happens unless I save a file, and then 'build all'.
      What am I doing wrong??

    • Leo

      Leo - 2004-11-15

      I'm still having trouble getting things to build properly - once, and only once, has pylint properly identified problems in a file and presented them in the right place.  Right now, however, it seems to just fill my eclipse errors log (refactoring still doesn't work either ...) with claims that it did not build properly, etc.

      I'm looking forward to grabbing 0.9.0 (or 0.8.5), and keeping my fingers crossed that these problems will be fixed by then (because PyDev rocks otherwise ...).



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