Eclipse, Pydev, And Code Completion

  • Steve Phillips

    Steve Phillips - 2009-03-26

    Hi All,

    Say you want to type "sys.path.append('yada yada yada')", using say Komodo or IDLE.  When you get to "sys.path.ap" and type a "(", it will complete the word "append". 

    Is there a setting somewhere in Eclipse where I can do that in Pydev too or isn't that a feature?  Currently if I type "sys.path.ap(", it ends up just as I typed it "sys.path.ap(" instead of completing the word "append". 

    Now, in Preferences>Pydev>Editor>Code Completion I did notice there was a few items you can select.  I have "Use code completion" and "Autocomplete on '.'?" selected.  If I select the "Autocomplete on '('?" and click Apply and OK and reopen the preferences, it isn't selected.  If I select all 5 boxes then it will save but it still doesn't work as I would expect. 

    Any ideas?  I know I am seriously nitpicking, but I am spoiled by other editors and I really like Eclipse with so far after giving it a second shot with PyDev.

    Thanks in advance.
    Steve Phillips

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2009-03-26

      The option to apply the current completion on '(' is not implemented... (you really have to press enter to apply it). Please enter a feature request for that.



      • Steve Phillips

        Steve Phillips - 2009-03-27

        How about completing on a period ".".  Is that not implemented also?  If it is, I can't get it to complete on that either.  Only the Enter key completes.


    • Steve Phillips

      Steve Phillips - 2009-03-27

      Way awesome.  Thanks a lot.  I am going to jump on that link right now.



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