wxPython crash with PyDev 1.3.4

  • WaffleSouffle

    WaffleSouffle - 2007-06-12

    Unfortunately I don't have many details for this (such as an example test case) because time has been a constraint, so I'm posting here rather than reporting a bug. Still perhaps others will encounter the same issue and follow up with a better description.

    I have been writing a wxPython app using an old wxPython installation ( with Python 2.3.5) for the last few weeks with no problems, using PyDev 1.3.3

    Yesterday I upgraded to PyDev 1.3.4. Running the application from Eclipse or the command line was fine. However, running in the Eclipse PyDev debugger resulted in a crash (Windows 2000 SP SP4). I spent some time building the wxPython debug symbols, and the crash seems to be occurring in bitmap related code deleting the same object twice. I'm afraid I didn't keep the stack trace.

    Eventually, at a someone desperate late stage, someone showed me how to "Revert To Previous" in eclipse (Help/Software Updates/Manage Configuration) which I'd totally forgotten about. Upon reverting to PyDev 1.3.3 the wxPython program worked with no problems, and so I've left things in this state.

    The program in question contains a tree view and a list view with images, as well as toolbar (with images) menus and status bar. If I have more time later I'll try to recreate and post a sample program. However if it is image related (e.g. object lifetime being unexpectedly shortened or some such) then I expect others might see this problem, or it might be relatively easy to recreate with a list control and some owner provided images (I use my own ArtProvider to provide png files beyond those supplied with wxPython by default). Sorry I don't have anything specific, but I'm now reasonably certain that the upgrade to 1.3.4 crashes, and the reversion to 1.3.3 works fine with this setup.

    • Oskar Heck

      Oskar Heck - 2007-06-12

      This is already fixed with pyDev 1.3.5, i think. See forum post "python.exe crash if debugging wth pyDev 1.3.4" at http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1745369&forum_id=293649 and bug 1728926.

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-06-12

      That's a fixed bug (but still unreleased) -- it should be released later this week on 1.3.5.

    • WaffleSouffle

      WaffleSouffle - 2007-06-26

      Having installed PyDev 1.3.5 and briefly re-run the code in question (I'm not actually working on it for the next few weeks), the crash does not occur and everything runs as expected. Thank you