Code Completion seems very buggy

John Bell
  • John Bell

    John Bell - 2006-07-22

    When I try to activate code completion nothing happens.  Yes everything seems to be set up according to the directions faq and such.

    The code completion drop down will appear if I get to a period "." for an import but if I type a letter after the period I can't activate the drop down manually.

    The ctrl+escape keystroke turns OFF the code complete drop down.  But then it won't come back. Is this a bug?  I'll gladly file it as such if so with any relevant info that is needed.

    AND on a related note.  Why can't we remap the code complete keystroke.  Especially since it's the default windows "Bring up the desktop" keystroke (and mine in KDE)?

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-07-22

      1 - Do you have something in your error log?

      2 - You mention the faq... is it the one at

      3 - if you open an empty file (in a file that is under your pythonpath in the project) and press ctrl+space, what happens?

      4 - As for ctrl+escape, please file a bug report (still haven't checked it)

      5 - the remapping for code-completion is following the Eclipse defaults (so, this is more a consistency issue with the jdt plugin)

    • John Bell

      John Bell - 2006-07-22

      Please disregard. 

      I had a strange key remapping snafu (this is a new laptop, and I'm running Gentoo no less.  Tis all better now. 

      That'll teach me to mess with xbindkeys and make typos when remapping the multimedia buttons on the front of the machine!

      I fixed my typos and set completion back to ctrl-space.

      Thank you for your time and effort. 


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