Debug does not work correctly any more if cod

  • Boostpy

    Boostpy - 2007-12-22

    Debugger does not stop at the breakpoints any more if the code changed during the running, though pydev auto detected the change and starts the program again!

    If I am not wrong it works correctly before (my current environments are pydev 1.3.10 & extension & eclipse 3.3)

    thanks in advance!

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-12-22

      Strange (nothing was ever done related to changes while you're running your program in debug mode) -- here it doesn't stop the program if I change it during a debug session...

      What exactly are you debugging? (maybe your own program has a feature like that? I believe that some web frameworks have that...)



    • Boostpy

      Boostpy - 2007-12-23

      Yes, If I debug my code, I use autoreload for the debug mode. BTW, you are right, I use a web framework.
      Sorry not to mention that.

      Any tips?