Unresolved imports with jython in Eclipse

  • Bryan Nahrwold

    Bryan Nahrwold - 2011-04-26

    I see that many other posts have been made regarding  unresolved imports. I have really
    tried to review the docs but am not getting anywhere trying to import between packages.

    I have the followings code structure:

    Project\src\TestPkg\TestMod.py (containing TestClass)
    TestUnitTest.py contains: from TestMod import TestClass
    No problems.  It all works with Project properties:
    Jython, grammmar version 2.2, Interpreseter jython 2.2.1 (points to c:\jython2.2.1\jython.jar)

    PYTHONPATH contains:

    I have tried configuring c:\jython2.2.1\registry with:
    python.path = C:\\PathtoProject\Project\src;C:\\PathtoProject\Project\test

    If I create a second package in this same project
    I am unable to import from TestPkg:
    from TestPkg.TestMode import TestClass
    Code Assist does not see TestPakg, only UnittestPkg.

    I had created a number of applications that perform this type of importing between
    packages, but outside of  Eclipse and the src folder requirement.

    If I don't develop with src forders, I have no code assist.  If I develop in Eclipse with
    Source folders, (whether in native Eclipse or Apcelerator 3.0), I get unresolved imports
    and code assist sees nothing.

    Is there a tutorial somewhre that describes how to do these kinds of imports between
    packages using jython as the interpreter in Apcelerator 3.0? Or does anyone have a
    recommendation on how to successfully configure these types of packages?


    Bryan Nahrwold

  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2011-04-26

    Well, not sure if that's it, but your Project\src\TestPkg MUST have an __init__.py to be recognized as a python package, so, can you check if you have it?

    If you have it, can you attach your sample project to a bug report so that I can take a look on what may be wrong?




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