PyLint - which one does PyDev pick up?

  • Piotr Dobrogost

    Piotr Dobrogost - 2011-07-23


    I have PyLint installed in one virtualenv (and configured in PyDev's preferences for PyLint) while my project is configured to use another virtualenv (as Python interpreter) which has also another PyLint installed. It seems that PyDev picks up PyLint installed in the virtualenv set as interpreter for the project and not the one set in the PyDev's preferences for PyLint (the setting "Location of pylint (").
    Is this known fact?
    Is this a feature or a bug?
    If it's a feature is there any information on this subject in the docs?

  • Piotr Dobrogost

    Piotr Dobrogost - 2011-07-26

    Thanks for the information.

    Isn't this dangerous in a sense there could be a mismatch? set in the preferences could be from one version of PyLint whereas PyLint available from the interpreter set for the project could be a different version.