Interactive Console does not start

  • Nicolas Keller

    Nicolas Keller - 2007-03-31


    Just bought the Pydev Extensions but the interactive console doesn't work.

    If I hit Ctrl+Alt+Enter in any Python file the console comes up with the following output and terminates afterwards:

    usage: c:\python24\python.exe [option] ... [-c cmd | -m mod | file | -] [arg] ...
    Try `python -h' for more information.

    Am I missing something? It's a rather clean installation with Eclipse 3.2.2, Python 2.4.4 and PyDev 1.3.1. Any help appreciated!

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-03-31

      Just saw that there's a bug regarding that... in window > preferences > pydev > pydev extensions > interactive console, the vm args specified are being passed to the python process too (and not just for the jython one).

      So, please remove those vm args and it should be working again...



      • Nicolas Keller

        Nicolas Keller - 2007-04-01

        That's it. Everything works now, thank you!


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