Python editor ignores text editor color prefs

Tom Loredo
  • Tom Loredo

    Tom Loredo - 2008-05-30


    I just upgraded to PyDev 1.3.17.  I have just tried to change my editor background and
    current line highlight colors (via General:Editors:Text Editors), and it has no effect
    on any Python files I open.  It *does* affect C and other files, so it's something
    specific to the Python editor.  Quitting and restarting Eclipse has no effect; neither
    does closing and re-opening the Python files.

    I see that the PyDev Features page lists "Background and current line color chooser"
    but I haven't found one in the PyDev preferences (e.g., it isn't in the PyDev
    "Appearance color options").  Is there a separate PyDev background/current
    line preference somewhere?


    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2008-05-30

      The way to change it would be in the General > Editors > Text Editors preferences (there's no separate preference in pydev regarding that). Here, when I change the color for the 'Current line highlight' or 'Background color' in those preferences, pressing 'Apply' will apply them even on the opened editors (no need to close/reopen it).

      When you change that color and apply it, do you get something in your error log?



      • Tom Loredo

        Tom Loredo - 2008-06-30

        Hi Fabio-

        Thanks for the quick response; sorry for my delay.

        > The way to change it would be in the General > Editors > Text Editors preferences

        As I noted in the original post, this doesn't affect the current line highlight in Python
        editors.  However, other settings in that pref pane *do* affect the Python editor.  E.g.,
        if I change the "Show print margin" setting and hit apply, it turns the margin line on
        and off; or if I change the "Line number foreground" color, and hit apply, the new
        color takes effect even in open Python editors.  It's just the "current line highlight"
        that I've had trouble with so far.

        BTW, I'm using Eclipse 3.3.2 on OS X (10.4.11), with PyDev 1.3.18, on a G4 PPC machine.
        As I noted previously, the highlight color choice *does* affect the C (CDT) editor.

        However, I just tried this with the same setup on an Intel MacBook and it works fine there;
        I can change the highlight color and it affects the PyDev Python editor.



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