Shared PyDev installation

  • Anonymous - 2010-05-28

    How can I install PyDev to a system-wide eclipse installation so that every user don't have to install it seperately?
    I tried unpacking the source into eclipse/dropins directory as described on pydev homepage but Eclipse didn't find it, so I open eclipse as root and installed from update site. Now eclipse sees the plugin but it only works properly for root user, normal users get loads of java exceptions like "Plug-in com.python.pydev.analysis was unable to load class com.python.pydev.analysis.builder.AnalysisParserObserver" which feels really strange as this jar is in a eclipse/plugins subfolder.

    system is RHEL5 clone.

  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2010-06-01

    If you chmod it to something that users can see, it should work… (leaving the write permissions off and the read on). Still, I think that eclipse itself writes some things in the eclipse directory, so, I'm not sure if that'd be the best way to keep the install - but i haven't actually tested anything on this, so, there's a chance that it might just work :-)