1.3.14: Problem with debugging Django views

  • Peter Melvyn

    Peter Melvyn - 2008-03-18

    Hi Fabio,

    Using PyDev 1.3.14, I've encountered a problem with debugging Django views (i.e. functions handling HTTP requests).

    If I stop execution by reaching a breakpoint inside a function which ends by HTTP redirection (i.e. return HttpResponseRedirect(url)) and run/trace it again, it seems that PyDev hangs up after return. In the Console the last message is HTTP result 302 and debugged server (standard Django development http server) did not respond on any http request (socket error 10060 - timeout). The similiar deadlock occurs time-to-time during ordinary stepping a code.

    To get any response from HTTP server, I have to stop debugger and run it again.

    This behaveour is the same for Eclipse 3.2.2 and 3.3.2. If I downgrade PyDev back to 1.3.10 (last version I used before 1.3.14) in Eclipse 3.2.2, the problem disappears and everything goes smoothly as before update.

    I run Django 0.97 rev. 7193 with Python 2.4.4 on W2Kprof. SP4.

    Is it a bug or did I mess something during Eclipse / Pydev / PydevEx update?

    Thanks for your support in advance,


    • Peter Melvyn

      Peter Melvyn - 2008-03-24

      Hi Fabio,

      I did some testing and have an additional info:

      1. Pydev/PydevEx 1.3.10 on both Eclipses 3.2.2 or 3.3.2 works O.K.
      2. The problem have all Pydev versions beginning with 1.3.11
      2. To deadlock Pydev debugger, it is not neccessary to stop execution on a breakpoint and continue execution, but it is enough to run debugger and navigate a browser to a page using redirection


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