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Errors after renaming PyDev project

Tim Black
  • Tim Black

    Tim Black - 2008-05-29

    Hi. Everything was working fine until I renamed my top-level PyDev eclipse project via right click context menu ->Rename. Thereafter, I noticed that the actual directory in the filesystem was updated as expected from OldProjectName to NewProjectName. However, any attempt to run any existing python scripts under NewProjectName fail with the dialog:

    "Problem Occurred"
    Reason: Check the details
    Details: Resource '/OldProjectName' does not exist.

    If I create a new script under NewProjectName, I can run it just fine. So this problem seems to only be affecting the scripts that existed before the rename.

    Any ideas what might be happening here? Suggestions?

    I have refreshed and restarted eclipse a few times to no avail. I'm using Eclipse SDK 3.3.2, pyDev 1.3.14.


    • Tim Black

      Tim Black - 2008-05-29

      A little more info: there was one script that would not give me the error and would run just fine. I re-renamed the project back to its original name and the problem stopped occurring... except for the one script that was running fine after the rename. That one will now not run, complaining that Resource '/NewProjectName' does not exist.

    • Tim Black

      Tim Black - 2008-05-30

      Removing and re-adding the contents of the project fixed the problem. Since I was using linked resources, this was very easy and fast.