Use existing Python source?

  • Brian Elliott

    Brian Elliott - 2007-02-15

    Please forgive my obvious beginner's question, but how do you create a "project" and point at an existing source directory?  The default behavior seems to copy all my files into wherever the project directory lives, but my version control system, Accurev, requires that files stay where they are. 


    • John Reid

      John Reid - 2007-10-29

      I'd just like to say PyDev would surely have a much larger take up if how to use an existing source code tree was made much easier for the new user. I've read the rest of this thread and worked out how to do it now but finding the thread in the first place wasn't easy and even then it is a fair amount of clicking to get it working. This almost put me right off and that's a shame because it looks like a nice python IDE otherwise. Is it possible to do with one click?



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