Django imports are unresolved

  • CreativeChips

    CreativeChips - 2010-12-09


    I am trying to create a new pydev project with django 1.2.3 support on Aptana 2.x, ubuntu 10.04 (in virtualbox, if it matter)

    I have a "src" folder structure from an previous project (from a whole other machine).
    I am trying to use these sources on a new django project.

    Problem is that all the "imports" to django libs are unresolved.

    it seems Aptana doesnt recognize the django at all.
    1. When i try to create a new project, I get an error-dialog saying django is not properly configured and that "import django" should work - which does work! (from the cmd-line, on python, import django, and django.VERSION works just fine)
    2. On the older project (on which the import wont resolve), i "auto-configured" the python interpreter, which added the "dist-packages" folder, which contains the "django" libs. I can see the "django" package on "python" tree on the project-browser(!)

    I tried removing and reinstalling the django, delete older version (now sudo find / -name "django" only finds the one on "python2.6" folder) - nothing works.

    Could anyone have an idea whats wrong?

  • ahunor

    ahunor - 2010-12-24


    Have you managed to solve it ? I've lost more than a couple of hours to it, but couldn't manage to fix it. Tried to download django separately, add that folder to the path.
    Any ideas ?

  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2010-12-31

    It seems it's not finding django (so, the pythonpath is probably not correct or wasn't restored after installing django). If the pythonpath is already correct, just go to window > preferences > pydev > interpreter python and press 'apply' and choose the interpreter that should have django installed (or add the folder parent folder where django is installed to the pythonpath).




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