Generic code folding - feature idea

Don Taylor
  • Don Taylor

    Don Taylor - 2007-11-28

    (I have not really thought this idea through so it might be nonsense).

    Pydev has many options for folding code and I use them a lot to help me focus on the parts that I am working on.  I am easily distracted, so it helps a lot.

    But, I want a way to temporarily fold whole chunks of code that contain anything - classes, functions, comments, blank space: the whole thing.

    I don't really have a concrete proposal except to suggest some sort of decorated comment convention.  Maybe lines that are contained in matching comments can be used to mark the scope of a piece of code that can be folded.  For example:

    #@1 - The following code should be folded as one unit.
    <lots of lines of code>

    would fold down to:
    #@1 - The following code should be folded as one unit.



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