pylint problem with installed packages?

Tal Weiss
  • Tal Weiss

    Tal Weiss - 2009-07-23

    Everything (pydev and pylint) was working well.
    I installed a new package using easy_install suds.
    I used the remove-interpreter, add-new-interpreter trick and the egg was identified.
    Simple import works:
    from suds import WebFault

    package level imports do not work:
    from suds.client import Client

    I get an error: ID:F0401  Unable to import 'suds.client' (No module named client in <type 'file'>/['suds', 'client'])

    This is also true for Django.

    The package itself works (and so does Django) but I get all of these warnings and errors...

    Help please?



    • Tal Weiss

      Tal Weiss - 2009-07-26

      Oops - problem with Pydev as well.
      For every Pylint error I now see that there is a Pydev error as well.


      • Fabio Zadrozny

        Fabio Zadrozny - 2009-07-26


        I can't talk about the PyLint problems (ask at PyLint for that), but from the Pydev Extensions code analysis, usually what happens is that analyzing the file statically sometimes doesn't give all the info you have at runtime. To try to work around that, try adding 'suds' and 'suds.client' a forced builtins in the interpreter configuration (see: -- it seems that the site is down now, but you can use the google cache to see the site contents).