Fn Ord
  • Fn Ord

    Fn Ord - 2009-08-25

    I'm a beginning Python developer, just learning my way around. I'm also new to Eclipse, although I support developers in it all day long at work, I've not done much development with it myself.

    So I figured I'd sort out a couple of things with it, and learn Django while I'm at it. So, I get Django up and running, Eclipse up and running, and install Pydev.

    This is a hobby for me. At most, I'll be setting up a couple of web apps for things around the house, like controlling the X10 stuff, automating some server-related tasks, etc.

    Am I going to pay $42 for Pydev? Not likely. I use it maybe an hour or two a week if I'm lucky. But holy mother of GOD, am I ever going to have to deal with the constant Nag screen. I'd be more than willing to donate to the project, but I'm not gonna drop $42 on it, and I can't even *hide* Eclipse and leave it running, because the nag screen keeps popping the whole application back up.

    I don't mean to complain, you guys are doing some great work, but this is driving me mad.

    • Deb Lewis

      Deb Lewis - 2009-08-25

      > Am I going to pay $42 for Pydev? Not likely. I use it maybe an hour or two a
      > week if I'm lucky.

      Believe you should only see that from the optional pydev extensions, not from the base (free) pydev feature.  if you don't want to donate then uninstall pydev extensions and just use the free open-source plugin.

      I've been using pydev for years and the requested donation IMO is trivial compared to the value that pydev provides with good python tools for eclipse; even if I only used it an hour or two a *month* I would consider it well worth donating to support Fabio's work on this tool.

      > deal with the constant Nag screen

      yeah, that is incredibly aggravating even for those of us who've licensed the extensions, because it nags on every one of my numerous workspaces.  I'm happy to donate, but should only have to enter the license information once for my eclipse installation when I renew annually.

      ~ Deb

    • Fn Ord

      Fn Ord - 2009-08-26

      Ah, awesome, many thanks.