variable length in the Eclplse detail pane

  • David Mischel

    David Mischel - 2007-12-15

    I am using pydev in Eclipse for software development. It is a terrific plug-in. I have a problem viewing long strings as variables. It seems that only the first 200 characters are displayed. There is a menu item in the Variables view to set the number of characters in the detail pane and it is defaulting to 10,000. I can set it to that or to 0 (unlimited) but it has no effect.

    Is there a way I can configure variable display length to be longer than 200 (much longer would be great)?

    Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    < david
    David Mischel
    San Francisco, CA

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-12-15

      That's currently hardcoded. You can change that at org.python.pydev.debug/pysrc/, line 131:

      Change the code to have the limits you want...

      if len(value) >  200:
          value = value[0:200]
          value += '...'

      Note that the communication can become too 'expensive' depending on the size you define there.



      • David Mischel

        David Mischel - 2007-12-17


        This is just the information I needed. Thank you very much for responding so quickly. For my purposes, 1000 characters are sufficient. I have made that change locally and it seems to work correctly and have no negative impact.

        Fwiw, my case was a SQL string which was generating a syntax error. The error was in a portion of the string further along than the first 200 characters. Capturing the string in the debugger seemed like the easiest way to find the error.

        Your help and work on this terrific plugin are greatly appreciated. I am happy to contribute to your continued work.

        < david


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