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  • Robert Davis

    Robert Davis - 2008-10-02

    Is there any chance of a more up to date manual then the one at:


    It still list python 2.4 in its screen shots. And I think most of the screen shots are from an eclipse version before Ganymede 3.4

    This makes it very confusing to a person that is using eclipse for the first time.

    I mainly use python for panda3d and blender coding. I also do coding and php and java. I like the idea of having ONE IDE that I can use to code all three languages. But it has been a very steep learing curve with eclipse.

    One specific think I can mention is that they manual for pydev does not even mention project run configurations. I went thru the whole manual step by step and got the Hello world example to run. But when I try to get some other python code that I already had on my machine to run nothing happened.

    I am guessing that was becasue I had to set up a run configuration. But that is just my point. I am "guessing" it was never even mentioned in the "manual" and the debugger was mentioned in only the briefest terms.

    • Anonymous - 2008-10-16

      Being as confused as you, I tried to do something to bring the basic information to use eclipse/pydev altogether and here is the result.

      First: Install Pydev.
      (Assuming that your Eclipse SDK is open)
      Click "Help"
        =>click "Software Updates..."
          =>click on the "Available Software" tab
            =>click the "Add Site.." button
              =>copy/paste this url: http://pydev.sourceforge.net/updates/
          =>back to "Available Software" tab
            =>collapse http://pydev.sourceforge.net/updates/
              =>check "Pydev", leave "" uncheck
                =>click the "Install" button

      Second: Config Pydev
      (Assuming that you already installed Pydev)
      Click "Window"
        =>click "Preferences"
          =>collapse "Pydev"
            =>select "Interpreter - Python"
              =>click the "New..." button on the upper-right corner
                =>browse to find your python.exe
                  =>click the "Apply" button on the lower-right corner and see all the built-ins and libs being loaded.

      Third: Use Pydev
      (Assuming that Pydev is installed AND well configured)
      Click "File"
        => click "New"
          =>click "Pydev Project"
            =>type a project name, for ex: yourprojectname
            =>check the python version you are using (Python 2.5 for example)
            =>leave the "default src" option checked
            =>click "Finish"

      And now we create the python file itself (for ex: "myscript.py")

      =>click "File"
        =>click "New"
          =>click "Python Module"
            =>look if the "parent folder" is "yourprojectname/src" ; if not select it
            =>leave the "Package" cell empty
            =>enter the name of your file, without extension (here, "myscript")
            =>click "Finish"

      To create the file you can also:
      =>Click "File"
        =>click "New"
          =>click "File..."
            =>look if the "parent folder" is "yourprojectname/src" ; if not select it
            =>enter the file name WITH the extension (here, "myscript.py")
            =>click "Finish"

      And here we have a working file ! I will update the thread to see how the console works ...

      Feel free to copy directly or indirectly the content of this post, etc. In fact, just feel free. For anything.

    • Robert Davis

      Robert Davis - 2008-10-17

      Thank you Jean-Christophe.

      I had done most of what you mentioned in your post. My problem was taking python code that I already have on my machine and putting it into eclipse/pydev. Then:

      #1 getting it to run. I am 90% certain that I have the python path set correctly. At least I can see C:/python25/;C:\Python25\Lib; and C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\ in the dialog box where you choose the python path in eclipse and I can see all the builtin functions/methods/modules.

      #2 After getting the code into eclipse/pydev being able to debug it. This is what I mainly need a good IDE such as eclipse/pydev for. To be able to step thru my code to check the logic and as I am stepping thru it to see what the variable values are.


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      Robert Davis - 2008-12-10


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      Robert Davis - 2008-12-19

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      meawx - 2009-01-22

      Thank for saving my time......!