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Pydev 1.3.20 breaks some introspection

  • v3ss

    v3ss - 2008-08-31

    Dear Fabio

    Congratulations on joining pydev with Aptana Studio We will see the Very powerful IDE emerging soon . ! But i found some werd bugs which r not there before in 1.3.19

    Introspection for many module are broken when i upgraded to 1.3.20 .

    socket module , email module , and many other works fine before , now i have to put them into Build-ins to make auto completion work well.

    Is a bug rite? or do you make it so we have to put them into builtins ?

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2008-09-01


      Can you give a more specific example? (I didn't understand what's not working).



      • v3ss

        v3ss - 2008-09-02

        I am trying with a fresh installation of pydev to make sure if thats only happening to me or not.
        Some module completion , deep  introspection , not working unless you put them into built-in mode.

        For example Socket module. It works well without puttin into build-in mode.

    • v3ss

      v3ss - 2008-09-04


      Pydev 1.3.20's code introspection completion features is broken!

      Reproducable , Luckily i still have a copy of eclipse with pydev -1.3.18 so i am able to test it.

      Below are the details and  screenshots attached

      In pydev 1.3.20 , many module completions that worked well under 1.3.18 stop working .

      below sample code show completion fine in .18 :

      import socket

      will produce a list of items as shown in below

      but in pydev 1.3.20 :

      Its only show only one item as below screenshot :

      Not just socket module , many other modules missing code completion that works well before.So thats seems to be a bug.

      Is that due to this change? :
      >"Pydev code-completion: Wild import will only show tokens defined in __all__ (if it's available)"

      Please check , Pydev was the best in code completion  for python.

      • Fabio Zadrozny

        Fabio Zadrozny - 2008-09-04

        Yes, I think that the __all__ bug may be responsible for that... I'm already working on that for the next release (should be out in 1-2 weeks).



    • v3ss

      v3ss - 2008-09-05

      Thanks a lot for the best response!! i wish you best future for PyDEV and Aptana!

    • Rosdi Kasim

      Rosdi Kasim - 2008-09-11

      I can confirm this problem. Once I uninstalled 1.3.20 and install 1.3.19, everything works fine.