Variables not showing on terminate

  • anstey

    anstey - 2006-05-29

    When a python script terminates due to an error (in Eclipse with PyDev Extensions), no variables are shown in the debug console, unlike standard IDEs like Wing and Komodo. Is there a way to make this happen?

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-05-29

      Pydev currently does no exception-handling, however, you can add your own if you want to do so by changing the sys.__excepthook__


      def myHook(*args, **kwargs):
          sys._original_excepthook(*args, **kwargs)

      sys._original_excepthook = sys.__excepthook__
      sys.__excepthook__ = myHook

      And then you can put a breakpoint in the 'sys._original_excepthook(*args, **kwargs)' line, so that whenever you have an unhandled exception it will stop there. An implementation of exception-handling in the debugger is planned, but it is still not implemented, so, you can add your own in this way.

      -- Fabio

      • anstey

        anstey - 2006-05-30


        I'm a python newb so I need more assistance with this. Where do I put the code you suggested, and how do I change the sys.__excepthook__  ? I don't understand unfortunately.

        Will this give me the value of all by global and local variables when the program terminates with an exception, the way Wing and Komodo do? I rely heavily on this to work out what is going wrong with my programs.


        • Fabio Zadrozny

          Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-05-30

          You can put that anywhere, as long as you call it before getting into that exception.

          And it should give you the globals and the locals in the stack-trace. It is not the same as stopping at that exact time, but it gives you the complete info on the stack.

          Actually, I passed one thing wrong, you should change the sys.excepthook and not the sys.__excepthook__.

          Below is a complete example showing how you'd get the locals in the stack-trace.



          ----------------- Example ------------

          import sys

          def m1(a = 10):
              raise RuntimeError('here')

          if __name__ == '__main__':
              def myHook(type, value, traceback):
                  initial_ctx = traceback.tb_next
                  while initial_ctx.tb_next is not None:
                      initial_ctx = initial_ctx.tb_next
                  print 'locals on exception:', initial_ctx.tb_frame.f_locals
                  #now, call the original.
                  sys.__excepthook__(type, value, traceback)
              sys.excepthook = myHook



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