Ignore search results from build catalog?

Jakob Malm
  • Jakob Malm
    Jakob Malm

    When I do a PyDev search I get results from the 'build' directory (used when building and installing with setuptools). I don't quite understand why they are shown, and would like them not to be. Is this possible?

    My project is set up with the root project directory in the PYTHONPATH, in which are placed some scripts and Python packages. 'build' is just a regular directory - _not_ a Python package.

  • Fabio Zadrozny
    Fabio Zadrozny

    This happens because the PyDev search will only have a pre-selected filter for Python files (it doesn't filter out things that are not in the PYTHONPATH).

    Please create a feature-request with your use case (there are plans to improve that search, although there's no date in it for now).




  • Anonymous

    this also happens with the Globals Browser. It also shows entries from the build directory.  Has a feature request been added so far?