Missing source files from zipped egg files.

  • Bartosz Radaczynski


    I am trying to debug a pylons application that uses elixir for orm. I would like to actually debug the elixir part. Elixir is in the python path and the code completion works fine for it. When i go to the debugger, however, it does not show the source code of elixir files (I gues this is because elixir is a zipped egg file and as such is in the site-packages folder). The first time, pydev asked me for the source of the file, but when I clicked cancel it did not show the dialog again and I cannot see the source code. The variables view and all the rest of the debugger seem to be working just fine...

    • Bartosz Radaczynski

      I actually found how to fix the fact that pydev wasn't asking me for the source code. It was specified in   some file under workspace directory. I removed the few lines that said DONTASK and it all went well. Still, it is strange that pydev does not recognize source from zipped egg files.


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