Delete Next Word and Delete previous word

  • Manni

    Manni - 2008-02-27


    I just started using pydev and it seems really cool. However, there's one (small) glitch that I noticed right away.

    When I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Del, the pydev editor will delete the next word _including_ any spaces or tabs before that word. I would expect the first ctrl-del to delete only the whitespace and the next ctrl-del to delete the next word.

    The delete-previous-word command (ctrl-backspace) is consistent with this.

    However, this behaviour ruins the only available command that I can trigger with a single keystroke that could help me get rid of superflous whitespace quickly.
    Apart from that, it is simply not consistent with what I'm used to from other editors.

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2008-02-27

      Which OS/eclipse/pydev version are you using? On windows XP/ eclipse pydev 1.3.13, ctrl+del is deleting only spaces and will only delete the word when there are no more spaces (it'll actually only delete the word until a '_').

      Also note that this behavior is gotten from Eclipse and it's not really configured nor changed within pydev... (so, if it's not working as you expect, there's probably some option to choose that...)



      • Manni

        Manni - 2008-02-27

        Hmm. That's interesting.

        I use the same versions like you, the only difference is that I'm on Linux (Ubuntu Gutsy).

        When I'm editing Perl code (using the EPIC plugin) all is well, but other editors (html, txt, etc) show the same annoying behaviour. So maybe I ought to ask the EPIC folks whether they are doing some special magic in that respect.


        OK. Thirty minutes with Google helped to convince me that this seems to be a gtk problem or feature or ...

        Thank you!


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