Error creating Django project -

  • Ryan Piaget

    Ryan Piaget - 2012-04-01


    I saw a post like this from January, but it doesn't seem to have been resolved.

    I am using Django 1.4 final and current (I think) versions of PyDev (2.4) and Eclipse (3.7). I think Django is configured properly as I have no problem importing it.

    When I try to create a new PyDev Django Project I get this error:

    Error creating Django project. file not created

    In fact, the actual file *does* get created (along with the rest of the project) however,
    Preferences-> PyDev - Django -> Django settings module: is blank.

    I create a new app in the project (e.g. called 'members') and make the necessary additions to but when I try to run the server I get the error:

    Error: no module named members

    Any ideas how to get past this problem?


  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2012-04-12

    Just to note, this is fixed in the latest PyDev (2.5.0).

    p.s.: please post questions to as this forum is now closed.