PyDev and PyLint with Eclipse?

  • Samuel

    Samuel - 2007-06-19

    I've been trying to get eclipse to work with python and PyLint, but i get stuck. I've installed python 2.5 and i seem to be able to install PyDev correctly from Eclipse (from\).

    I want to se the errors while i'm coding, so therefore i'm trying to install PyLint aswell. Does it matter where i extract PyLint? Now i have it in a random folder and have set the path to the ""-file and activated the "use pylint?"-box.

    Why do i still have problems both compliling and viewing the errors in realtime? I allready have assigned the python.exe file under "interpreter-python" under preferences. Is there a complete guide somewhere that go through all necessary steps? 

    • Samuel

      Samuel - 2007-06-19

      I think i found one of the problems. I had to add the PyLint-folder under system PYTHONPATH..
      But one problem still remains. It can only detect syntax errors in predefined functions and conditions like if you misspell "else" or "print" etc.. it seems that it still dont compile the code as i write..?

      • Fabio Zadrozny

        Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-06-19

        Python doesn't really have compiled code (so, PyLint does not do that for you), what PyLint aims at doing is finding out about unused variables, undefined variables, etc.

        If your project files are in your project pythonpath, it should work without problems... For a tutorial on how to config your project correctly, take a look at:



    • Neil

      Neil - 2008-12-09

      You must create a configuration file. Take examples/pylintrc can place it in ~/.pylintrc or /etc/pylintrc.

      Otherwise it will silently fail in Pydev.

      I hope this helps someone else out there.


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