Problems with pydev shortcuts in OS X

William M
  • William M

    William M - 2008-03-16

    I'm using pydev in the Mac version of Eclipse, and a big annoyance I'm having is there is I can't use the keyboard shortcuts to run my project since they are already mapped to Exposé functions (and also other things such as keyboard backlight brightness on my laptop's keyboard). And no I'm not turning Exposé off or some such. So as far as I can tell, the only way to run my project is to right click on my starting module and navigate the submenus.

    Is there any way to re-map these keys, or have the IDE always run the same module with the "main" method for my project, not the one I'm currently working on?

    • Tim Diggins

      Tim Diggins - 2008-03-17

      Both of these are configurable with Eclipse prefs:

      You can change the keys with eclipse preferences General/Keys and look for Run as python...

      You can have eclipse "run" button always run the last one run, rather than the current file by going into Eclipse preferences: "Run/Debug : Launching" and change the Launch Operation at the bottom ("Always launch the previously launched application")

    • William M

      William M - 2008-03-20

      Thank you very much!