Debugger doesn't start

  • jard1234

    jard1234 - 2006-10-30

    The exact same application runs fine in "release" mode, either from the command line or from within Eclipse/PyDev. But when invoked with the debugger all I can see is "pydev debugger" and the debug view shows "terminated, exit value 144". Setting the
    pydevd_trace = 2 in the I got a little more but useless messages:
    pydev debugger
    Executing file /(removed)/workspace/dui/
    arguments:['/(removed)/workspace/dui/', '-f', '~/data-template-files/cheader.cio', '-t', '~/data-template-files/cheader.dui', '-c', '~/temp']
    Connecting to localhost:10674
    sending cmd 103    2    <xml><thread name="pydevd.reader" id="-1"/></xml>

    sending cmd 103    4    <xml><thread name="pydevd.writer" id="-1"/></xml>

    received command 501    1    1.0
    received command 111    3    /(removed)/workspace/dui/    267    None
    received command 111    5    /(removed)/workspace/dui/    704    None
    sending cmd 501    1    1.0

    received command 101    7   

    I am running on Linux SUSE10.0, Eclipse 3.2 and PyDev 1.2.4. I searched my code for "import *" and I have no one. I do have some "from xxxx import yyyyyyy"
    My application is quite long as of today, it is a wxPython-based application and so far is running OK. I need to track down a nasty bug and now it's the time I need the debugger desperately.

    Thanks for your help,

    • jard1234

      jard1234 - 2006-10-30

      Furthermore. I was able to get the application up with a break point at the wxFrame's __init__ method and from there hitting F6 all the way until the method completed. Then a hit F8 to let it go and the window poped up correctly. Now invoking any menu option the debugger crashes. If I put a breakpoint in the handler function of that menu option and hitting F6 step by step sometimes it brings the window back, sometimes the debugger crashes, The Error Log view is always empty, very fustrating. The log file under .metadata did not come back again after I deleted it for a fresh -re-start of Eclipse. Looks that it will take days for me to solve my problem if I have to hit F6 on each of my lines of code. Very dishearting.

      Any help will be really appreciated.

      • Matty G

        Matty G - 2007-09-14

        Unfortunately, I've run into a similar problem using pydev 1.3.9 and python 2.5. I have never encountered any problems with the debugger and my current code before.

        As soon as I execute the pydev debugger, it terminates with exit code 1 after printing pydev debugger in the console. My python code runs cleanly and completely outside of the debugger. As with jard1234, the only workaround is if I create a breakpoint in __init__.

        • Fabio Zadrozny

          Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-09-14

          Do you have an use-case for that? I'm testing it here and it seems to be working (so, it may be related to the way some specific library interacts with the debugger -- or does it crash even on simple cases?)



    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-10-30

      There's a bug in the debugger in 1.2.4. It's already fixed for the next version in the cvs (1.2.5) and it's a bug related to wxPython, so, that's probably your problem.

      I have plans on releasing the new version pretty soon (probably until Wednesday).



    • jard1234

      jard1234 - 2006-11-01

      Thanks Fabio for your good news. I am looking forward to having the fixed version.

      • Fabio Zadrozny

        Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-11-01

        It's already released ;-)

    • jard1234

      jard1234 - 2006-11-01

      Ok, I installed 1.2.5 and the debugger is working!  Great. Will keep updating in case I find something wrong. Thanks a lot.


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