Wont install on aptana - needs junit

  • Steve Horsley

    Steve Horsley - 2007-06-15

    I recently downloaded Aptana to try out (and found it's based on Eclipse). I would like to keep using it, but I found that Pydev won't install because it needs a module called junit.org, and I can't find anwhere to download that from. A post in the Aptana forums went unanswered, so I guess nobody there knows.

    I saw in an earlier thread here that junit is only needed for jython, but I only actually want python so perhaps I can do without junit, but I can't install pydev to find out.

    Is there some way I can install the junit module for Aptana, or do without junit, or is pydev on Aptana just not possible?

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-06-17

      Hi Steve,

      That dependency it's basically junit packed as a plugin -- I've changed pydev for the next version so that it's optional, because it's only really needed for running the tests, so, you can either wait for the next release -- which should be monday or tuesday or you can probably find junit in the "Callisto Discovery Site" -- it should be in the default install when you go to "help > software updates > find and install > search for new features to install" (it's http://download.eclipse.org/callisto/releases\).

      If it's not there, I can pass you that plugin.

      Note that pydev also has some dependencies on jdt from java, so, you may still need some other plugins, but they should all be available at that install site if aptana does not include them.



    • Steve Horsley

      Steve Horsley - 2007-06-24

      Thanks for the response, Fabio.

      Sorry for the delay in answering, but it's been a very busy week and I've only just had a chance to check back. The latest version of pydev installed nicely thanks. I've stated playing with it (5 minutes or less) and it seems just what I was looking for. It will take me time to find may way around fully, but I'm very happy. Many thanks.



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