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  • Loic Schoen

    Loic Schoen - 2009-05-25


    We are using Eclipse and pydev as development tools. We have packaged an eclipse version with multiple plugins to distribute it internally (big zip file). Pydev is part of the plugins.
    There is preference for the interactive console for initial interpreter command. I would like to modify these commands and provide them as part of the distributed package. These preferences are saved in the workspace. So when a developper will start with a fresh workspace, he won't get the preferences.

    Is there a way a way to distribute these preferences as well? The best thing for me would be to unzip, start with a fresh workspace and the interactive console is started with my customized initial command.

    Do I have to recompile the code with the default value modified? Is there a setting file somewhere?



    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2009-05-28

      Well, there's currently no easy way to setup different commands there... Probably the easier way to do it would be creating a plugin that sets org.python.pydev.debug.newconsole.PydevConsoleConstants.INTERACTIVE_CONSOLE_MAXIMUM_CONNECTION_ATTEMPTS when starting up (if the user still hasn't changed it).

      You'd have to create an extension point for early startup (class implementing IStartup), get the pydev preferences and change that value... Should be pretty simple to do...

      Another option would be changing pydev and recompiling, but I think that's more work...




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