Feature Request: Support for Pyrex code

  • Matthias Baas

    Matthias Baas - 2007-12-28


    I have a (small?) feature request for PyDev: Would it be possible to add support for Pyrex source files (see http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/greg.ewing/python/Pyrex/\)?
    Pyrex code is quite similar to Python code but has some extra syntax. Currently, I just open the Pyrex files using the Python editor which already works well enough. But it would be nicer if PyDev would already support them natively. I think it would already be enough if PyDev would support the following things:

    - Associate *.pyx, *.pxd and *.pxi files with a "Pyrex Editor" (which behaves almost the same as the Python Editor with the below differences)

    - Don't do syntax checking on Pyrex files (this is currently the major problem using the regular Python Editor for Pyrex code. Whenever there is some special Pyrex construct, the editor thinks this is a syntax error. I suppose checking the Pyrex syntax would require a run of the Pyrex compiler, but personally, I think this is not necessary. I have to run the compiler anyway to build the module, so I will catch the errors at that time).

    - Syntax highlighting for the special Pyrex constructs (this is only a minor issue, the regular Python syntax highlighting works well enough for me. The most used extra keywords are probably "cdef", "cimport" and the regular C data types).

    So is this something that might get added eventually? I think Pyrex is already fairly wide-spread so I think it makes sense to add support for it to PyDev.
    I have seen that there is a feature request in the trackers (even though it's quite a short one that doesn't describe what is required). So is it enough to post this here? Should I
    add the above to the existing feature request? Should I create a new one? Or has this idea already been discarded before?


    - Matthias -

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-12-28

      Please add those to the existing feature request.



    • Matthias Baas

      Matthias Baas - 2007-12-29

      I have added the above points to the request:


      What I forgot in my above message is that the functions/methods/classes that are defined using cdef should also appear in the outliner. I've added this to the request.


      - Matthias -