raw_input, outline, autocomplete, hints

  • Victor B. Gonzalez

    I've created my own debug and my own python run and have tinkled with F9 for Run as Python *but* when a script has raw_input, the console seems to sometimes choke. When I run the console it might run fine one time *but* it won't run fine the next (even if I don't change anything). In other words, sometimes I'll see the output in the console and sometimes I won't. I believe this is definitely a bug but am not sure if it is due to pydev or eclipse :(

    I notice the outline shows my functions, classes, imports and methods but won't show my global and local variables. e.g. if I make s = string, I won't see s in the outline, is this how it is meant to be. Can this be enhanced in the next version of pydev?

    Autocompletion partially works and is very nice so far but it doesn't work on custom identifiers. e.g. if I created the following identifier s = string, I'll see no autocomplete menu for 's.' come up. Is it possible to make autocomplete work with custom identifiers?

    Class, function and method hints do not seem available when editing. Some editors for e.g. when you enter 'cmp(' the opening parenthesis will show the following hint 'cmp(x, y) -> integer)' until the parenthesis is closed . Is it also possible to get at least the first paragraph of the docstring to show up too?

    So far Pydev seems great but these little quirks can maybe be in my setup or maybe they're temporary limits of pydev so far, I am not sure. I just started to try out eclipse and pydev makes it a whole lot better in Python development so I hope you can maybe add these features if they're not already implemented or advise me on how best to get them to work on my installation. I would greatly appreciate your time for reply :)

    Thank you again for Pydev and your time!

    • Victor B. Gonzalez

      Sorry I didn't post this earlier...

      - Ubuntu 6.06
      - Eclipse version 3.1.2
      - PyDev version 1.0.8
      - No Errors...
      - whereis eclipse: /usr/bin/eclipse /etc/eclipse /usr/lib/eclipse /usr/bin/X11/eclipse /usr/local/lib/eclipse /usr/share/eclipse /usr/share/man/man1/eclipse.1.gz

      - whereis project: /home/vbgunz/eclipse-workspace/testbed

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-05-30

      1. There is bug in Eclipse that makes the output not show. It should be fixed in eclipse 3.2 (but this version is currently unsupported in pydev -- support should be added in the start of july)

      2. You can add a feature request for that.

      3. Actually, it should work... I think you meant:

      s = str


      import string
      s = string

      both of those work for me

      If they don't you may have some misconfiguration... have you checked the getting started guide? -- http://www.fabioz.com/pydev/manual_101_root.html

      4. These are calltips. They should be implemented soon as a part of Google's SoC

      5. Pydev is Open Source, so if you're especially wanting one of those features, you can get the code and help in its development yourself... I can give you tips on where to start if you want. Aside from that, if you keep track of pydev, you'll see that it has consistently grown, in quality and in features over the last 2,5 years (it started in 06/2003), and is currently regarded by many as one of the best python ides available, and I see no reason why it wouldn't keep that way...



    • Victor B. Gonzalez

      It is great to know the console bug will be fixed soon. As for the autocomplete menu not showing up in cases such as s = string, you're correct. It appears I first have to import string. I was just testing it but it is great to know that pydev actually does this. that's smart!

      One issue in regards to autocompletion is d = {}. if I enter 'd.' I will get an autocompletion list *but* it does not contain methods such as keys(), values(), iterkeys(), etc. It appears the list contains built-ins such as iter(), len(), range(), etc.

      I will post my feature request for including variables in the outline. I think this will help developers gain a quicker and better overview of the outline if these were included.

      I am not sure if I can help the project. I am no veteran in Python and it is the only real language I know. I am just looking for a Python IDE and of all the ones I've tried, eclipse with Pydev seems to so far be one of the best and most promising alternatives.

      I will take a good look at the starting guide. Thank you Fabio for your help and feedback on my questions. I hope to see Pydev grow bigger and better than it already is. Thank you again for your time and patience!

      • Fabio Zadrozny

        Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-05-30

        hummm... the d = {} is a bug... if you do:
        d = dict()

        it will get it correctly, or if you do {}. it will also be correct...

        Could you report that as a bug?