"Clean" won't work, or it hangs

  • Jarle Snertingdalen


    First of all, PyDev with eclipse seems very nice, thank you for this contribution.

    I have, however, problems with "clean". Using Pylint, it hangs on my third source-file and never gets passed it. It is also impossible to cancel it, so if it's run, I have to kill the process.

    A friend of mine has another problem. "Clean" and "Refresh" doesn't do squat in his install, and "tasks" is only updated from files which he has added a "TODO" or "FIXME" to himself. We figured he had to refresh or clean the project to get all tasks on the task list, but as they dont work, we wont get them.

    Any tips on these matters?

    Are there any plans on making a code completer which is not hazardious (ie: which don't run code on module level)? I'd like to see that for python one day, but the current approach which actually executes all kinds of code is too dangerous.