Run command confusion

  • Gary Feldman

    Gary Feldman - 2005-02-11

    I haven't really used Eclipse before, but I am looking for a good Python IDE.  I'm confused about how the Run context menus are used, and I'm not sure whether these are general Eclipse issues or PyDev issues, but these seemed like the right place to start.

    First, if I right click on a file in the Navigator, I get a Run, Debug, some others, and Python.  Under Python, I get another Run, another Debug, Coverage, and two Unit Tests.  Is there a difference between using Run and using Python|Run (other than the way they handle the configuration dialog)?  Or is there a reason why it's separate?  (I've also been playing with TruStudio, and they do the Python Run using the original Run item.)  Do the two Unit Test entries constitute a bug?

    The second point of confusion is that I can run a file via the Python|Run context menu, and it sets the configuration box correctly, but then it seems to save the configuration separately for each file I want to run.  Is that required by Eclipse?  I only have one configuration (in terms of environment, directory, etc.), but I have multiple files that I want to execute in that configuration.  It would be a pain to have to treat them as separate configurations.

    Finally, is there a one button Run?  I really just want to right click on a file and run it, without having to go through a configuration dialog.

    Many thanks,

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2005-02-14

      Basically, you can have many Runs to do the same thing.

      If you go to the generic run, you can choose either python, c++, java, etc.

      If you go to the python run, it is a 'shortcut' for configuring a python run.

      The 2 unit-test entries constitute a bug, yes.

      Actually, what you should do is run the file once, creating the configuration and then just Ctrl+f11 to rerun the last run (that is the shortcut), or go to the run history (in the run menu) and select one of the previous runs.



    • Gary Feldman

      Gary Feldman - 2005-02-22

      Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      I guess I feel that UI redundancy on the same menu, particularly context menus, is a bad thing and defeats the purpose of context menus.  Is there an easy way to customize this, moving the uninteresting context menu items to the main menu?  (Actually, there are others that I'd like to get rid of, like performing New on a file, which is silly.)

      Also, I've since discovered that enabling the Launch toolbar gets me the one button Run that I want.  Keystroke shortcuts aren't useful for me, because I use so many different tools that it's impossible to learn anything that isn't universal (like F1 for help).

      Thanks again,


      • Fabio Zadrozny

        Fabio Zadrozny - 2005-02-22

        Hi Gary,

        The only way I know of customizing Eclipse is through the customize menu (right click on menu bar).

        Maybe there's some other way, but I'm not aware of that.




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