Interactive Python console?

  • Tim N. van der Leeuw


    Is there a way to get an interactive Python console in Pydev? This is one of the most useful things of IDLE, PythonWin etc. Having an interactive console to try things which you can then copy-paste into code. And where you can import modules of your code to test some specific methods / functions, without running the whole program.
    (Yes for that you can write a unit test of course, but still it's sometimes easy / practical to do things like that interactively!)



    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2005-03-02

      Well, that's already in the "TODO-List".

      Right now, you can do that by running an external tool calling python with -i as a parameter, so, you can run it in the console... has some issues as you'll see if you use it though...