Problem with Hyperlinking

  • dmeyer

    dmeyer - 2005-01-27

    first of all - PyDev is great. I use it for a few weeks (Eclipse 3.0.1, PyDev 8.0.5, Python 2.3.4).

    I have a problem with the hyperlinking feature (hovering with the mouse holding down the ctrl key) - everything works fine for module imports in the same directory.

    But what is with package imports ?

    I try "from p1 import mod1" or "from p1.mod1 import MyClass" - but no success ...

    The Python Path and the PyDev Project Properties are set correctly and CodeCompletion works fine (therefore the imports can be made).

    What can I do ? Are there any experiences ?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2005-01-27


      actually, the hyperlinking just works in the file you are in, so, it will not function with symbols defined in other files (this should be corrected sometime in the future, but no prevision right now).

      Anyway, instead of using hyperlinking, you can use the F3 keybinding that uses the bicycle repair man find to search for symbols. In my experience it works pretty well for most cases, especially for global tokens. (if you have the pythonpath defined in your system)