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#747 ECF context menu option "Share editor with" not visible

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With Eclipse 3.4 and ECF you can get the collaboration feature as described here :

The only way to start a collaboration session on a file seems to be a right click on the editor and then click option "Share editor with".

This option is available on .txt and .java editor context menu but not on .py editors context menu. Maybe Pydev modifies this menu in order to add options like "refactoring", "display", etc.


  • othiery

    othiery - 2008-07-07

    context menu screenshot

  • Jason P.

    Jason P. - 2009-03-06

    This still doesn't work. I *think* there are two ways to solve this: reuse the #TextEditorContext context in PyDev, or include an extension that will add DocShare's menu entry to the current context. I attempted to create a separate plugin that does this but couldn't get it to work (I don't really know what I'm doing, I just installed Eclipse two days ago to try DocShare out). There is a bugzilla issue and a related wiki page available with specifics. Please fix this :)