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#548 pygtk and gtk autocompletion


It would be great if you can add support for autocompletion of pygtk and gtk, because right now you have to add those libs manually to the Forced builtin libs.

If you don't plan to do it, it would be great also to add information on how to get pygtk autocompletion on the FAQ.

I can write the FAQ entry if you want...


  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2007-08-15

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    The faq has a 'general entry' for that: (under: Code completion is not working correctly for some library), but I guess it could be more specific and give better examples... if you paste something different to be added to the faq in this bug I'll gladly add it...



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    That infinitodev treat to say you is: code completion don't to less that you add "gtk" and "pygtk" to Forced builtin libs.

    This would be interesting to have by default in pydev.

    For example i'm working with pydev from i started in pygtk mainly for python code completion is enought fine, but i knew that i did not know that could complete pygtk code, when i dicovered, i talked with infinitodev about that and him put himself in contact with you.
    I added a pygtk faq entry with IDEs with code completion by pygtk, and i have put to pydev there.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    When doing that (adding pygtk and friends to the forced builtin list) I'm only able to complete method names, and not method arguments as well. It'd be nice if there was any fix or workaround for that, as it makes developing really tiresome :)

  • Marc Maurer

    Marc Maurer - 2007-11-19

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    When I add pygtk and friends to the forced builtin list, I can autocomplete methods, but not method arguments. Is there a workaround for this?