#1484 Wrong JRE problem

jython (38)

We have a product that includes PyDev and encounter a problem launching a Jython console. The problem seems to caused by our mixed 32 and 64-bit Linux environment - these have different JREs installed (Hotspot JVM). The users have networked home directories and if a user first runs our product on a 64-bit machine then tries again on a 32-bit machine, they see the problem.

Our current workaround is to delete the preference file that caches the JRE location (.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/org.eclipse.jdt.launching.prefs) on each startup.


  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2012-03-27
    • status: open --> pending
  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2012-03-27

    Yes, PyDev will always try to use the default vm for launching.

    So, the user would need to go to java > installed jres to reconfigure the one that's used.

    Not sure how PyDev would know about it... suggestions? Maybe a patch? :)