#1119 Wrong word boundary on macosx

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When editing code there is a very inconvenient difference from MaxOSX and Linux/Windows when moving the cursor to the next word.
I'm talking about the "Next Word" and "Previous Word" commands in the "Keys" preference tab. The default binding for Windows and Linux is Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right respectively, while in MacOsX is Alt+Left and Alt+Right.

If I have a line like this:

return myObject.myMethod(foo)

when moving across words, the boundaries do not include the dot. Therefore, if I hold Shift, I cannot quickly select "myMethod". I can only select the whole "myObject.myMethod".

The only way I can select the word "myMethod" is by moving letter by letter with the arrow keys.


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  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2010-05-05
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  • Tim Diggins

    Tim Diggins - 2010-05-05

    Works for me too on 3.5.2 and pydev release 1.5.5

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  • Fabio Zadrozny

    Fabio Zadrozny - 2011-02-22

    For those that stumble on this bug, this is an e-mail I just got from Stefano:

    Some time back in April 2010 I opened an issue on the bugtracker (see subject), which I was never able to solve and which appeared to affect only myself.
    Today I stumbled on the solution (http://www.visible-form.com/blog/mac-eclipse-word-boundary-issue-fix/) and figured that there are other people suffering like I did. :)
    So I thought about writing to you so that you can properly close the bug and post a comment with the solution. Here it is:

    Go to System Preferences > Language & Text > Text, and set the ‘Word Break’ dropdown to ‘English, United States (Computer)’.

    Apparently, the issue only affects Snow Leopard, and only if you happen to have this system-wide option uncorrectly set.
    Fixing the option and restarting Eclipse was enough for me.

    I tried to comment on the bug myself, but since it's closed already, I cannot reopen it.


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