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Python Cron - Great Cron for Windows! / News: Recent posts

Added stand alone executable and installer for Windows.

A new packet has been added to the release 0.91 that includes a stand alone version of the program for Windows platforms that doesn't require Python installed on the target machine. It also includes an installer that allows to cleanly uninstall the application.

Posted by Emilio Schapira 2004-12-16

Project Status Upgraded

The Python Cron project status was upgraded to Stable. This small application has been running in production environment for months and no bugs have been reported.

Posted by Emilio Schapira 2003-10-20

Python Cron 0.9 released

This is a clone of the well-known cron job scheduler for the unix flavored operating systems. The implementation is platform-independant, robust, simple and complete.

Posted by Emilio Schapira 2003-03-31