Package: PyCLIPS/wxPython Examples

A new package has been created in the File Download Area, containing three PyCLIPS examples. These examples are the translations of Gary Riley's CLIPSJNI sample applications, that Johan Lindberg has ported to Python+wxPython+PyCLIPS. They give an idea of PyCLIPS capabilities and offer an opportunity to compare the two approaches respectively based on Python and Java.

Please download the ZIP file located at

It contains the applications, namely AutoDemo (a classic, wizard-based diagnosis system), WineDemo (a decision system based upon a fixed number of hints) and SudokuDemo (a sudoku puzzle solver that also reports the solving tecniques).

Please take a look at the programs and follow the instructions in the README file. The examples have been tested and are perfectly working on Linux and Windows.

Posted by Francesco Garosi 2008-01-24

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