New PyCLIPS File Release (release 1.0.6)

This release implements the possibility to retrieve Facts and Instances (as well as lists of such objects) from the CLIPS subsystem as a result of functions that can provide values of different types, such as Eval(). The opposite is also possible: in most cases, where values of undefined types can be accepted by CLIPS, these values can also be Facts or Instances. This will allow the upcoming examples to be ported (thank you again, Johan) from the ClipsJNI example suite to PyCLIPS with almost no substantial modification in the CLIPS code.

Also, a nasty bug that caused an exception to be raised upon assignment of a value to a Global when not in current Environment has been fixed.

PyCLIPS is now actively developed and tested with Python version 2.5; it should also work with Python 2.4 and 2.3 though.

You can find the documentation for this release at this address:

You can download this release at the following address:

Posted by Francesco Garosi 2013-04-25

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