New PyCLIPS File Release (release 1.0.4)

After more than one year, this release fixes (or provides workarounds for) many major and minor bugs. Moreover, it introduces support for the latest CLIPS release, that is, version 6.24, along with the related enhancements. Users of PyCLIPS are highly encouraged to switch to this release in order to avoid unexpected behaviours.

This release also introduces some new features in the setup process, as well as in the way the package is distributed: now it is possible to install PyCLIPS using setuptools (see for details), and the module is distributed in binary form also in ".egg" format. To better support this type of distribution, the version numbers have been changed to something more standard. If you decide to build PyCLIPS yourself and do not provide a CLIPS source package, the setup script will try to automatically download the most recent supported one from the PyCLIPS web site.

Supported Python versions are 2.3 and 2.4; supported CLIPS versions are 6.23 and 6.24 (although 6.24 is suggested, as it also contains many bug fixes).

You can find the documentation for this release at this address:

You can download this release at the following address:

Posted by Francesco Garosi 2013-04-25

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