New PyCLIPS File Release (beta 1.0_07)

PyCLIPS is a Python module to interface the CLIPS expert system shell library.

The new PyCLIPS release fixes many (mostly minor) bugs, and finally completes the test suite. Actually current tests mainly "just invoke" almost all exported functions, but they could be a good starting point for a more functional test set.

There are also some enhancements: almost no one of these should cause any code breakage, and the semantics of some objects are now probably more complete (eg. Generic and Function objects are now callables in Python).

Documentation has been revised and some functions, which were documented in a wrong way, now have the correct meaning described. You can find the documentation for this release at this address:

You can download this release at the following address:

Posted by Francesco Garosi 2004-11-29

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