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New PyCLIPS File Release (beta 1.0_06)

PyCLIPS is a Python module to interface the CLIPS expert system shell library. This new release contains many fixes and enhancements, as the test suite is becoming more complete and users give their feedback about the module. An upgrade is suggested for everyone who regularly uses PyCLIPS since many serious errors have been corrected.

I have also decided to remove older versions (in their binary form, at least) from the distribution site. They are retained however in source form (mainly for historical reasons), under the package named pyclips-old.

Some function and method names have changed, as well as semantics for some items that PyCLIPS provides, in order to be more meaningful, coherent and Python-styled. Please read the documentation in order to solve possible code breakages.

You can get this latest release here:

Posted by Francesco Garosi 2004-11-18

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