PyCLIPS installs on MAC OS X

A PyCLIPS user reports that the module also works on Mac OS X (darwin). I don't know much about this platform, so the only thing I can do for now is to say what he did to get it working.

Brad reports that, just changing line 984 in so that it reads

elif sys.platform[:5] in ['linux', 'sunos', 'posix', 'cygwi', 'darwi']:

and extracting the Macintosh CLIPS source code (distributed as clipssrc.sit, maybe with a different distribution of capital letters) in the clipssrc directory - probably also modifies the setup.h file in this case - the compilation and installation ends successfully.

I downloaded the Macintosh CLIPS source code, and noticed that there are files with different extensions than .c and .h: unfortunately I do not know whether or not successful compilation depends on these. Of course any feedback is welcome (and Brad, if you are tuned, drop me a line and I'll ask you some other questions... poor you!).

Posted by Francesco Garosi 2004-10-24

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