Increasing Maximum Number of Environments

  • Cerin

    Cerin - 2010-08-31

    I'm trying to implement a breadth-first search involving Clips environments. However, after moderate searches, PyClips is giving me the error "ClipsError: S06: maximum number of environments reached". How do I increase the maximum number of environments?

  • Francesco Garosi

    Are you sure this is the correct approach? You want to use an Environment (that is, a brand new CLIPS machine) as a dynamic structure? Please, read the manual where it mentions environments, and possibly the Advanced Programming Guide too…

    However, you can change the maximum number of environment using the clips._clips.setMaxEnvironments() function (use help() to see its documentation), but just increasing the number of environments would, at best, raise the time where your software incurs in the same error, and at worst bail out with an "Out Of Memory" error (which would render, as usual, the Python interpreter unstable).


  • Cerin

    Cerin - 2010-09-15

    Thanks. Since I found I can't copy Environment objects, and have to recreate each new instance from scratch, my initial work around was to create a single global Environment object, store all the constructs for each env as a Python object and then load/unload these constructs to the global Environment as needed. I'd imagine it's taking up the same amount of space as it would if I just stored everything in separate Environment instances, but it gets the job done.


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