Pyclips in CGI

  • ohnjay

    ohnjay - 2008-10-06

    hello guyz,

    I'm back again asking some questions..eheheh..Can we used pyclips in cgi??..please reply soon..

    • Francesco Garosi


      by CGI you mean Common Gateway Interface? Of course you can, just use the appropriate modules (like the cgi module) in conjunction with PyCLIPS and write whatever CLIPS CGI program you like. The same restrictions as with mod_python apply, even though the running programs might be more isolated and you can be fairly sure that the resulting web application is a "one-shot" application.

      If you mean Computer Generated Imagery, you can use it too. At the moment I cannot see the point in it, but there could be surely some use in this field as well.



    • ohnjay

      ohnjay - 2008-10-07

      Oh what i mean is that common gateway interface...ok thank you for the informations..

      In my thesis i shifted to cgi because i don't know what's wrong with the module(mod_python). When i try to load the module at the apache configuration and turn off my pc and then open my pc again, when i check my apache, the server was stopped and when i tried to restart it,
      it would not restart. But when i will configure again at the apache configuration file(httpd.conf) and do not load the module, when i try to restart the apache server the server now restarts..(",)..


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