successfully compiled for python 2.6 64bits

  • Miguel Moreto

    Miguel Moreto - 2010-03-12

    First of all, thanks for the developers of this module. It was very useful for my phd research.

    I would like to let you know that I successfully compiled pyclips for python 2.6.4 (64bits) in windows 7 64bits. I created also a binary windows installer for that.

    The compiler I used was MS Visual Studio Express 2008 with windows 7 64bits SDK.

    The module seens to work fine, but I did not test all of its functions, only those that I was using in my software.
    I would like to ask the developers if I can make this windows installer available in my website as an "unofficial release" of pyclips. Or I can send you, so you can publish in pyclips website.

    Many thanks and best regards,

    Miguel Moreto
    Florianopolis - Brazil

  • Francesco Garosi

    Hi Miguel,

    this is obviously good news - especially the fact that it works on Win64 (the test suite comes with the source package, in the "testsuite" directory: to use the test suite just try the following:

    cd testsuite

    It tests most of the functions that PyCLIPS provides.

    I have to decide whether or not to publish WinXX binaries: my idea was to just provide the source packages along with instructions on how to build… I don't use Windows anymore, so it becomes difficult to me to consider such binaries as official and distribute them on SF. But of course you can make them available: don't forget to publish the download address here too, so other users can benefit of your work.

    Thank you,


  • Miguel Moreto

    Miguel Moreto - 2010-04-13


    I published the 64bits installer for windows with python 2.6 (64bits) in:

    Thanks for the tip about the test suite. I executed and it worked fine for all testings until "Testing: BLoad …" when python executable crashed. Do you have any idea of how can I invetigate further the cause of the crash? I don't know if the problem is pyclips or python.


    M. Moreto

  • 3oheme

    3oheme - 2010-09-19

    Hi Miguel, would you mind to give me a link for this unnoficial release?


  • 3oheme

    3oheme - 2010-09-19

    (Sorry, I was reading just the first comment)

  • Matt

    Matt - 2014-09-09

    I have compiled it for Python 2.7 (64-bit Linux), but keep getting odd errors. Ended up tossing the 2.6 dist-package into the 2.7 directory and Robert's your father's brother ("Bob's your uncle", or it's all fine)!
    Looks like a lot of work to get it to compile with Python 3. :(


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